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best broomball sticks

If you’ve joined a broomball league, chances are the league will be providing you with broomball sticks, balls, helmets, and the rest of the gear you’ll need to play. Often, though, these sticks will be cheap, mass-produced and poorly-made since they are purchased in bulk.

Players who have spent a season or two in the sport often prefer to purchase their own stick or “broom.” A well-made, quality broom can provide you with a competitive advantage when you go to the rink because it will be more sturdy and offer better handling than the cheap ones the league uses. Also, if you have your own stick, you can practice at home to hone your skills when you’re away from the ice.

If you’re at the point where you’re ready to make a broomball stick purchase, what factors should you consider? You’ll want to take into account whether you prefer aluminum or wood, whether you’re playing indoors or outdoors, as well as size and color. Read on for our guide to the best broomball sticks available today on Amazon.

The Best Broomball Sticks Available Today

Acacia Deluxe Broomball Stick

If you’ve spent any time at all playing broomball, you know the name Acacia. It’s the ultimate brand in the sport and manufactures the most reliable sticks, shoes, and equipment. When broomball sticks break, it’s either because the shaft snaps or the head comes off, and with a solid brand like Acacia, that doesn’t happen often.

The very high-end broomball sticks can run as much as $100, but this Acacia deluxe stick is cheaper, so you’re getting a good brand at a good price. It’s made from aluminum that is strong but lightweight – that’s the best combination of factors you’ll find in a broom. It comes in striking white/black and white/red color combos. The Acacia gets our highest recommendation, especially for beginners and intermediate players, as one of the best broomball sticks around.

Acacia Elite Pro Wooden Stick

acacia elite sticks

If you just need a basic wooden stick with no frills, consider the Acacia Elite Pro Wooden Stick. Despite its name, this is a simple broom with a wooden handle and plastic broom at the end.

We wouldn’t necessarily recommend the Acacia Elite Pro for high-level league play, but if you’re just fooling around in a rec league or in your backyard, then it’s perfectly acceptable. It is quite a bit more affordable than many other sticks, so that’s the advantage.

Acacia G-Force Stick

acacia g-force stick

The Acacia G-Force Stick is pretty much the exact opposite of the Elite Pro. This one is very fancy, expensive, and ideal for experienced players who want to invest in their game.

Why is the Acacia G-Force so expensive? The shaft is an aluminum titanium alloy, which makes it strong but lightweight at the same time. The lighter weight improves swing speed and overall maneuverability with the ball, giving you a competitive advantage over the other players on the ice.

And just from an aesthetic perspective, this broom looks really cool, thanks to its gold and black paint design. If you can afford to splurge, go for the Acadia G-Force!

D-Gel Aluminum Stick

Most players who buy their own sticks go for aluminum rather than wood, for a number of reasons. D-Gel’s aluminum stick earns good marks for its durability, price, and cool appearance.

The head of this stick is slightly curved, which is a unique feature. That means it can be easier to stickhandle and maintain possession of the ball once you get used to the stick. It’s 48 inches long and matches up against the Acacia quite nicely, so you can’t go wrong with this one.

NiceRink Starter Set With 12 Brooms and 2 Balls

Are you starting a league and you want to purchase an entire set of sticks? This NiceRink set might be perfect. It includes 12 wooden sticks and two balls – enough for you to stage full games with two teams. The sticks are basic, but they are perfectly fine for league play – those players who want a fancier stick can always purchase one on their own 🙂

These packages are obviously costly, but they are still a good value considering how much you’re getting. They may be ideal if you’re trying to start up a broomball league in your area, or to encourage friends who’ve never played broomball to give the sport a try.

The Different Types of Broomball Sticks Available

Wooden sticks are more likely to snap or crack, while aluminum ones can sometimes bend out of shape. Since aluminum sticks are lighter, most people prefer those. Lighter is generally better since you can stickhandle more easily and move the ball more quickly. Folks who choose heavier sticks most often do so because they want a bigger, booming shot, even if they’re sacrificing speed at the same time.

As for size and length, most brooms are about 46 inches and you should expect to play with that length unless you are abnormally tall. As for color, there’s no right answer here at all, just choose a design that you think looks cool.

In terms of shape, most brooms have a symmetrical triangular head, while others look like the ones in our logo and are slightly non-symmetrical as they appear to have a small “piece” taken out of one side. This photo shows a box with sticks of both shapes.

broomball sticks equipment mtu rules
Various kinds of broomball sticks and brooms at a local ice rink.

Most of the heads are made of a rubber-style material, which is nice because it “grips” the ball when you receive a pass. Some of the cheaper sticks use plastic heads, which are less effective in that regard but still acceptable at the beginner level. While some experienced players insist there is a difference between indoor and outdoor sticks, most of these sticks can be used in either setting.

While you can spend more than $100 if you are a serious competitive player, the broomball sticks above will be more than sufficient to get you started and help you determine the feel and the style you prefer so that you can take your game to the next level. Take the plunge, select a stick of your own, and dive into this sport!

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