Best Broomball Shoes: Our Guide and Recommendations

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Looking for your first pair of broomball shoes? We’ve got some options for you!

Some folks play broomball in their regular tennis shoes, while others go out of their way to make sure they are wearing the best broomball shoes money can buy. Broomball shoes can be expensive, so it’s understandable that newcomers or casual players might want to hold off on splurging for a pair.

But if you’ve ever played in a rec league where some people wore tennis shoes and others wore proper broomball shoes, you can see beyond a shadow of a doubt how much difference the right footwear can make when you’re running around on a sheet of ice.

Where can you find broomball shoes? There aren’t a ton of options, especially if you live somewhere outside Minnesota or the Northeast. Your average Walmart isn’t going to stock broomball shoes. Many sporting goods stores won’t have them. So online might be your best bet.

Reasons to Wear Proper Broomball Shoes

It’s simple – to keep from sliding all over the ice! Broomball shoes are designed with a special sole with a high “grippy” factor. This makes you more likely to keep your feet in one place on the ice instead of sliding all over.

Most broomball shoes look like normal shoes, but with a thick rubber layer on the bottom. They are not fashionable at all. But they’ll make you look better by improving your game!

The guys and gals in this video are having a lot of fun. But imagine how much less they would have been slipping if they had proper broomball shoes!

Our Top Broomball Shoe Recommendation: Acacia Bullet

acacia bullet shoe

As of the 2024 winter season, our top recommendation for sturdy broomball footwear is the Acacia Bullet Broomball Shoe. Visually, this one is more understated than many broomball shoes. There’s no bright orange – just an appealing black and gray color scheme.

More importantly, though, the Acacia Bullet provides superior grip and traction on the ice. If you’re playing in a league, this will get the job done, whether you’re a newbie or a veteran player. The Acacia Bullet doesn’t have a high-top quite as high as many other broomball shoes, but it’s high enough to still provide sufficient ankle protection.

More of the Best Broomball Shoes

While sifting through the available options, we discovered a few brands and styles that legitimately rank among the best broomball shoes currently on the market.

Click to see each item on Amazon. Note that Amazon’s selection of broomball shoes is, unfortunately, somewhat limited. So you may have to look around to find a product available in your size. We’ll update this post when new shoes are added to the marketplace.

Acacia Grip-Inator Shoe

Anyone who plays broomball knows the name Acacia. They also make some of the top broomball sticks. Acacia makes several different types of broomball shoe. All are quality, so it just depends which of the slight differences you prefer.

acacia gripinator broomball shoe

The Grip-Inator is the best all-purpose broomball shoe. It’s a basic shoe with round mini-nubs on the bottom for superior traction. Its mid-sole provides a layer of foam cushioning to add flexibility and comfort.

Acacia markets the Grip-Inator as the top shoe that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It’s by the far the most popular broomball shoe on Amazon and most sporting goods marketplaces, so you can’t go wrong with the Grip-inator. It comes in two styles: a gray and black version, and a more colorful version with orange accents.

Hagan H-5 Broomball Shoe

A couple years back, we saw a new entrant into the broomball shoe market. Check out the Hagan H-5 Shoe. It’s a really attractive shoe. It almost looks like a high-top tennis shoe. It looks less goofy than most other broomball shoes.

The Hagan H-5 shoe has a unique sole featuring an interlocking, web-like design. The company notes that its soles are free of all laminants and sealants. That gives it superior traction, so you can wear the shoes right out of the box and they won’t be slippery.

Hagan H-7 Broomball Shoe

Here’s a second model from Hagan. The Hagan H-7 Broomball Shoe looks more like the Acacia shoes, with a tall, narrow design.

hagan h7 shoe

The other difference between the H-7 and the H-5 is that the H-7 comes with a protective toe and heel, so when you get whacked in the foot by a stick (it will happen at some point!), you have more protection.

Acacia Spider-Gel Shoe

Another indoor/outdoor shoe, the Spider-Gel is literally named after the “spider gel” it’s made from. But I view the black and red stripes on the side as looking kind of spider-like. So it’s an appropriate name in more ways than one.

spider gel shoe acacia

This model is no longer being manufactured by Acacia. That’s a shame, because it’s really cool-looking. So snap one up on Amazon if it’s in stock and you like this particular design!

D-Gel Gripper Broomball Shoe

Along with Acacia, D-Gel is the other big name in broomball gear. D-Gel’s Gripper shoe features a hard rubber bottom and “safety toe” made of hard material to protect your toes from being whacked by a stick.

These grip the ice well, providing solid traction. They use an angular line design on the bottom of the sole. I personally like the look of the D-Gel shoe more than the Acacia. For some reason, to me they seem a little more understated and less flashy, which works for me.

Acacia Cruzr Shoe

The big difference between thee Grip-Inator and the Cruzr is that the Cruzr is more lightweight. It’s the lightest broomball shoe around, in fact. So players who want to feel as light as possible to gain speed without being weighed down might consider the Cruzr.

acacia cruzr broomball shoe
The Acacia Cruzr is one of the top broomball shoes on the market.


You’ll notice the grip on the sole is also different. It’s composed of long, thin nubs arranged in a circular pattern. This type of sole and the corresponding waterproof nylon exterior are ideal for indoor play, where the ice tends to melt a bit faster.

Occasionally, other broomball shoes pop up on Amazon in limited quantities, including the Acacia Bullet, Acacia Shark, and more. So your best bet is to search around Amazon to see if any other models have recently been released. Good luck!

And don’t forget to check out our listing of broomball leagues in the USA!

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